Amelia Emma Forrest: choreografia, kierownictwo artystyczne

Amelia finished her schooling at The Bejart Ballet School when she was taken into The Baltic Dance Theatre. Shortly after she was promoted to soloist she left the company to find a more collaborative, playful and diverse way of working through freelancing. After co-founding the company Amma Dance Theatre in 2015 with Marion Geisler, Amelia realised that she needed to start again from zero and study a new methodology to aide and further develop her understanding of authentic movement and creation. Amelia moved to Berlin to embark on a journey into the world of butoh in the west. Along with studying and researching Amelia is trying to put into practice the new information so generously shared with her, by creating and collaborating in Berlin with different artists and mediums.

Amelia is most inspired by embodiment and metamorphoses. She tries to concentrate on sensation and experience believing that through this way you can break down the wall between audience and performer. A few artists who are great examples of this kind of experience for Amelia are Motimaru Dance Company and Stefano Taiuti.

Amelia now focuses on creating work for spaces that are immersive and confronting. She thrives to create something that feels spontaneous and alive. To create performance art that is fluid and invitational instead of intrusive to the space.




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